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WiiFlash Server on MacOS – Snow Leopard

Hi there, just a quick message to inform you that WiiFlash server does work on MacOS – Snow Leopard. By default if you launch the WiiFlash server, you may see the following error message :

Snow Leopard - Error

Just open the WiiFlash server on MacOS – Snow Leopard, by using the 32-bit mode like below :

32-bit mode - WiiFlash Server

And there you go, you should be all set ;)

WiiFlash on TV

I just came across this (French) video from the French TV, where a teacher in a French University (Lyon I) demonstrates the use of WiiFlash to teach anatomy to students. :)
I already posted about this, but just discovered this new video. The application using WiiFlash is called “Twidee” and developed by Fabien Bizot from
To get advanced 3D rendering, he is using 3D PDF’s inside AIR, this way the Adobe Reader rendering engine (OpenGL) is used.

If you want to know more about how this application is working, I showcased it in one of my Adobe Max session with Michael :

WiiFlash in “Stella Artois Wii Draught Masters”

I wanted to highlight a very nice WiiFlash project called “Wii Draught Masters” from Laurent Dochy and his team for Stella Artois. The project won a prize at the Cannes Lions this year.

Stella Artois Wii Draught Masters from Laurent Dochy on Vimeo.

The use case is great, congrats to you guys for project and the prize :)


Just discovered this great use of WiiFlash, check Fourmation.

WiiFlash and Mondrian

Another very nice experiment called Dynamic Mondrian from Anthony Mclin.


Another cool project called WiiSpray using WiiFlash, really nice :)>

WiiFlash at FITC Amsterdam ’09

The cool guys from lafabrick recorded the Cool Shit session I have been involved in Amsterdam for the FITC.

On this video you can see the next version of WiiFlash coming in and the very cool TwiDee AIR application developed by lafabrick which allows you to manipulate avdanced 3D models with WiiFlash.

New cool WiiFlash Demos !

So cool to see what you guys develop :)

WiiJ – Visual Jokey from Eduard Seibel on Vimeo.

Candle Music

WiiFlash 0.4.5 release !

We are happy to introduce this new WiiFlash Server 0.4.5 release.

So what’s new ?

This 0.4.5 release includes :

  • Balance Board support in WiiFlashServerJ (Mac) viagra uk buy.
  • Windows Vista support for the PC version of WiiFlashServer (PC).
  • SWF trying to connect multiple times to the WiiFlashServer (PC) made it crash, this bug is fixed now.

Do not forget to use the new WiiFlash API as soon as you will be using those new WiiFlash servers !

Let us know if it works smoothly, next release should include Guitar support ! :)

Next release of WiiFlash – Guitar support ?

Hi guys, new versions of WiiFlash are coming up !

This new release will include new versions of the WiiFlash servers (Flash Player 10 security compatible and bug fixes).

We were thinking about adding WiiGuitar support, is it something you would like to see ?

Let us know !