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Atlantide Design and WiiFlash

Allessandro Di Michele from Atlantide Design posted a WiiFlash and Papervision3D experiment on YouTube. WiiFlash all around the world cialis for daily use cost! Thank you guys for all those videos !

WiiFlash and the UMap v1.0 component

Jeff Winder just posted another cool usage of WiiFlash used with the UMap 1.0 component Fore more infos, check Jeff’s blog.

WiiFlash Example – Papervision3D Car

I have updated the WiiFlash downloadable package and included the famous Papervision3D car so that you guys can start playing with WiiFlash with a nice 3D example. Note : LEDS bug has been fixed, make sure you download the latest release

WiiFlash Server 0.4 for Mac (WiiFlashServerJ)

Here it is, for the Mac lovers ! This WiiFlash Server has been developed by Alan Ross for the WiiFlash 0.4 API. You can now run your WiiFlash applications on your Mac Thank you Alan !

WiiFlash Forum

Hi everybody, I think it’s time for us having a WiiFlash Forum I know some people requested it, so here is a new place where we can talk about WiiFlash happiness or problems you may encounter. That would be great if we could establish a list of some fully compatible bluetooth dongles, so please post [...]

WiiFlash and universities – Part 2

As I told you the other day, WiiFlash is going to be used in universities with Papervision 2.0. Guys behind this project recently posted a little video preview (French audio) of the application. Here are a few snapshots from the video : For those who do not speak French, here is a little resume : [...]

A WiiFlash server on Mac OS

Two months ago, we received an email from Sebastian who told us about the MoteDaemon project. We were very enthusiasted by the project and even happier when read that Sebastian wanted to implement the WiiFlash protocol in this cute Mac OS server MoteDameon is currently working with XML, and should be fully compatible with [...]

WiiFlash Badges !

If you want to be smart, this is what you need. Do you need some WiiFlash Nike’s ? aha

WiiFlash 0.3.1 release !

We are happy to announce a brand new release of WiiFlash ! This 0.3.1 version does not have any new features but includes two major fixes : – The .NET WiiFlash server should be running better, and more compatible with some bluetooth stacks – In the previous versions of WiiFlash API, you retrieved IR and [...]