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WiiFlash Server on MacOS – Snow Leopard

Hi there, just a quick message to inform you that WiiFlash server does work on MacOS – Snow Leopard. By default if you launch the WiiFlash server, you may see the following error message : Just open the WiiFlash server on MacOS – Snow Leopard, by using the 32-bit mode like below : And there [...]

WiiFlash Development

Thibault and I are glad to announce that Alan Ross — my new colleague at Hobnox — is finally joining the WiiFlash team officially. Alan developed the great and widely used version of the WiiFlash Mac server. This move will allow us to maintain the quality of our package voltaren comprim├ęs. We will soon merge [...]

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WiiFlash 0.4.1 release !

We are happy to introduce this new WiiFlash Server 0.4.1 release. So what’s new ? This 0.4.1 release allows you to connect online applications to the WiiFlash Server. This means you can now create online WiiFlash applications ! Check the video demo for more informations. WiiFlashServerJ will include this new feature very soon Let me [...]

WiiFlash 0.4 release !

Hi everybody, Joa and I are very busy lately, but we are happy to release this new WiiFlash 0.4 release ! WiiFlash 0.4 includes the following new features : – Battery level informations. – IR now includes up to 4 tracking points (point1, point2, point3, point4) ! – IR now includes 4 dots size (size1, [...]

WiiFlash 0.3.2 release !

Hi everybody, First, Joa and I would like to wish you an happy new year 2008 ! We are happy to release this new WiiFlash release 0.3.2 before the WiiFlash 0.4 release ! Some bugs have been fixed : – The “Mouse Control” feature was not working properly concerning drag & drop. Now drag & [...]

Majority Desk loves WiiFlash :)

Eddie Herrmann and Dan McWeeney developed an application called “Majority Desk”. Consider it as a 3D rendered desktop using Adobe AIR, Papervision3D, Open Dynamics Engine and WiiFlash. Wow ! Guys, it’s brilliant, we just love it You can find some related infos here : Eddie Herrmann Doug McCune’s blog Find here some “Majority Desk” videos [...]

Back for more!

As you may know the website has been hacked recently and we lost most of the server files. A lot of the posts contained dead links, so we decided to start the blog from scratch. We noticed that there was some confusion with WiiFlash latest version especially for the past few weeks. So here [...]