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WiiFlash experimentations

WiiFlash on TV

I just came across this (French) video from the French TV, where a teacher in a French University (Lyon I) demonstrates the use of WiiFlash to teach anatomy to students. I already posted about this, but just discovered this new video. The application using WiiFlash is called “Twidee” and developed by Fabien Bizot from [...]

WiiFlash in “Stella Artois Wii Draught Masters”

I wanted to highlight a very nice WiiFlash project called “Wii Draught Masters” from Laurent Dochy and his team for Stella Artois. The project won a prize at the Cannes Lions this year. Stella Artois Wii Draught Masters from Laurent Dochy on Vimeo. The use case is great, congrats to you guys for project and [...]


Just discovered this great use of WiiFlash, check Fourmation.

WiiFlash on a Kart !

So cool

WiiFlash 0.4.2 – Balance Board Support !

I just wanted to show you a little video of the next feature coming with the next WiiFlash release A new Wiimote.balanceBoard property will appear. A new BalanceBoard object will be available with all the informations needed like topLeftKg, topRightKg, bottomLeftKg, bottomRightKg and totalKg properties. I am already thinking about some Papervision3D applications with some [...]

Liliesleaf Interactive Table – WiiFlash & Papervision3D

“Pixel Project developed an interactive table using the Papervision api and the WiiFlash api. The table is for the Lilliesleaf museum in South Africa. It was the farm where the ANC was arrested and raided during the Apartheid era in South Africa. It is an important part of South Africa’s history. The table as 2 [...]

WiiFlash games for Visa

I recently discovered on the WiiFlash mailing-list, a project from Fernando Flórez developped for Visa. It looks really nice, and I would love to see more about it. Here are some pictures of the application and its installation : A lot of people are developping WiiFlash applications, and it is always a great pleasure to [...]

WiiFlash + Papervision3D + Phidgets ServoMotor

Another cool experiment from the WiiFlash community : Great demo Jeff ! More infos

Wiimote and Cubism

Wiimote powered Self Portrait Generator from James Alliban on Vimeo. Just discovered this great WiiFlash demo from James Alliban, I love it Great work James More infos flagyl price.

New WiiFlash Examples

Alan has posted some very nice WiiFlash demos to get started with WiiFlash. You can find them on his blog Thanks Alan !