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Connect the Wiimote

What do we need ?

1. a Wiimote :)
2. a bluetooth enabled PC

To connect successfully, follow these steps :

First, click on your “Bluetooth Favorites” icon.

Then, in the next window, click on the button to search for any available devices, as soon as it starts browsing hold buttons 1 and 2 at the same time on the Wiimote to make it detectable.

You will release the buttons when you will see your Wiimote in the devices list. It should be detected as an HID device called “Nintendo RVL-CNT-01″.

Then, your Wiimote, should show up.

Your Wiimote should keep blinking, if it’s not the case, just press again button 1 and 2 at the same time. Now select your Wiimote in the device list, and click on the button “Bluetooth installation wizard” on the left.

A new window should show up asking for pairing with the Wiimote, don’t enter any code. The Wiimote does not behave like other Bluetooth devices and does not need any code to synchronize with the PC, just leave everything blank and press “Ignore Pairing”.

Once the button pressed, you should see this window, it just means that your Wiimote is nearly synchronized ;)

Press “Finish”, then you should notice two 2 green arrows on the Wiimote device icon. This means that the PC is receiving inputs from the Wiimote, and that’s it :)

Now start WiiFlash Server, it should tell you how many Wiimotes are connected.

To make sure the connection is ok, check the online test application.