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Tutorial – Connecting your Wiimote to WiiFlash

Kyle just posted a great tutorial about connecting your Wiimote with WiiFlash.

Thank you Kyle for this little tutorial ;)

WiiFlash Experiments – Flight simulation and generative art

Some Flight simulation :

WiiFlash Flight Simulator from Kris Temmerman on Vimeo.

And some generative art :

Wii Flash ‘art’ from Kris Temmerman on Vimeo.

Congrats Kris they look very nice :)

WiiFlash on Adobe.TV !

A few months ago, I recorded a few videos for Adobe.TV, and here is the first one about WiiFlash :)
It is a little tutorial to discover and get started with WiiFlash.

You can find this video also in the new Tutorials category

WiiFlash on a Kart !

So cool :)


Any WiiFlash users on Windows Vista ?

As I could see on the forum and mailing list, some people were having troubles with the WiFlash Server under Windows Vista. Can you please try this brand new alpha version on Vista and let me know through the comments if it works nicely for you ?

You can download it here viagra buy cheap.

Watch out, with this new WiiFlash Server version you have to use the new WiiFlash API available in the zip file. Of course this new WiiFlash API is retro-compatible with all previous windows or mac versions of the WiiFlash Server.

New cool WiiFlash Demos

Togami, a Flash Game Studio from Belgium used WiiFlash to develop a snowboard game. It looks really nice and funny, great job guys :)

Gerb posted a nice demo related to some “Head Tracking” with WiiFlash : http://vimeo.com/1738859

WiiFlash Development

Thibault and I are glad to announce that Alan Ross — my new colleague at Hobnox — is finally joining the WiiFlash team officially. Alan developed the great and widely used version of the WiiFlash Mac server. This move will allow us to maintain the quality of our package voltaren comprim├ęs. We will soon merge his code into our SVN.

As a further announcement I have some news for future WiiFlash development. We are currently thinking about a WiiFlash version using the great JNLPAppletLauncher. This means basically an out-of-the box installation of the WiiFlash server with automatic updates to the end user and everything of course cross platform. It would make the use of WiiFlash in an online environment easier and also work as a standalone version for offline experimenting. Please tell me what you think.

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WiiFlash 0.4.2 release with Balance Board Support !


We are happy to introduce this new WiiFlash Server 0.4.2 release.

So what’s new ?

This 0.4.2 release is supporting the new Balance Board.

You will find a new org.wiiflash.BalanceBoard class with some cool properties like totalKg, bottomLeftKg, bottomRightKg, topLeftKg, topRightKg or centerOfGravity.

WiiFlashServerJ should support it very soon ;)

Make sure to download the latest version, I have included a Balance Board Demo.fla in the downloadable package so that you can get started with this new Balance Board feature ;)

Note : To synchronize the Balance Board, use the exact same procedure as you would do synchronize a Wiimote. Press the “Sync” button near the batteries then browse for bluetooth devices.
The Balance Board will show up as a traditional Wiimote.

Let me know your feedbacks trough the comments.

Time for butt shaking now !

Atlantide Design and WiiFlash

Allessandro Di Michele from Atlantide Design posted a WiiFlash and Papervision3D experiment on YouTube.

WiiFlash all around the world cialis for daily use cost!

Thank you guys for all those videos !

WiiFlash and the UMap v1.0 component

Jeff Winder just posted another cool usage of WiiFlash used with the UMap 1.0 component :)

Fore more infos, check Jeff’s blog.